Bamboo coffin

Transforming a community

The manufacture of a Bamboo coffin provides much-needed, meaningful employment to help transform the lives of communities in Bangladesh. The production is situated some 450km north of Dhaka. We are commited to making a positive difference and staff welfare is crucial to us, with high standards of employment practice established for their future in Bangladesh.

Together with the benefit of regular employment for a community so bereft of work and all the improvements to social wellbeing that this will bring and enabling them to afford healthcare and education.

The natural choice

A Bamboo coffin is the natural choice for a growing number of families who want to give something back to the wider world and who care about the environment. Our eco-friendly cofins are made from sustainable bamboo, which has been managed and harvested in Bangladesh according to best practise. Simple and tasteful, the clever design of our coffins means that they can be folded making it easy to transport them back to The Netherlands, helping to keep our carbon footprint to a minimum. Our eco-friendly coffins offer a meaningful way for families to say goodbye to their loved ones, while helping reduce poverty and providing a brighter outlook for future generations.

Features & Benefits

  • carrying weight: 125 kg (tested till 150 kg)
  • including mattress and pillow, mad out of 100% biological cotton, filled with hay
  • traditional in shape, these coffins can be folded flat for easy storage and assembled within minutes
  • internal size: 200x60x35cm

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